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  About Dr. Charanjeet Singh        
  Dr. Charanjeet Singh, a lively character, is a multifaceted personality. A distinguished scholar, supremely gifted poet with remarkable command over Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu Languages, an excellent speaker, editor and a banker at that, all rolled into one.  
He handles the complex subjects with a rare mastery over words and with a new and distinct style. His poetry seems to rise from his soul to touch the soul of the readers and audience. The reader immediately identifies himself with the character and the thoughts. That readers from diversified languages groups, culture, Official backgrounds, can thus identify themselves with his works shows its universality - a true hallmark of an accompalished and promising writer.
He is a regular speaker on All India Radio, works as a Chief Manager in a Public Sector Bank, was editor of Bank's House Journal - that has been awarded the coveted 'Maya Ram Surjan Foundation Award' for excellence in publication, twice over.
  Dr. Charanjeet Singh is a postgraduate in Hindi and Punjabi literature and Ph.D. in Hindi literature.      
  He has written extensively on wide ranging topics, but romance, love, sufferings, remain his forte. In his works he has tried to explore the women psyche admittedly a most difficult work, her emotionalities, sufferings that she undergoes herself and interestingly inflicts on others.      
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